Computer Classes at Child's Day by I.Q.Kids

I.Q.Kids is a well-established, advice locally operated computer education program for preschoolers. The I.Q.Kids curriculum is developed by a Certified Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and many years of teaching experience. It is designed to ensure progress for each child, troche whatever the level of experience.

Children participating in optional I.Q.Kids classes acquire basic computer skills and experience using multi-media hardware and software technology, while developing reading, counting, and problem-solving abilities in a FUN atmosphere.

I.Q.Kids Class Structure

4 children per class, with 2 computers Weekly classes of 40 minutes (4 per month)
"Hands-on" participation-based learning
keeps all children involved the entire time
On-site classes in Child’s Day Computer Lab

Each session is an exciting learning adventure, helping our preschoolers become computer literate. Parents receive bi-monthly information up-dates. Cost for this optional enrichment program is $45 monthly.