Child's Day Parent Involvement

Research shows that children are more successful when their parents are involved in their classroom experience. Volunteering in your child's class is one way to help meet this goal. Please take the time to read through the opportunities listed below and determine where you would like to help this year. Your time and efforts will be well spent while enriching the children's learning experience. We encourage both parents to sign up and volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Representative - PAC meets once a month, for one hour, to discuss Center-wide issues and plan events.
  • PAC Alternate - Attends PAC when the regular PAC representative cannot.
  • Room Parent - Supports classroom and helps organize classroom events.
  • Story-time Reader - Once a month, every other month, on occasion.
  • Material Preparation - Helps teacher to make, color, cut or collect materials to be used in the classroom.
  • Talent Search - Share your interests, hobbies, etc. with the children.
  • Miscellaneous -Typist, computer work, field trip driver, special projects.