We’re so glad you heard about Child’s Day and want to learn more! Your child is unique and special and the first five years of life are when the most significant brain development happens! Come visit us to find out how we will nurture and encourage your child.

    • 1. Inquire and learn more.

      Learn more about Child’s Day or call us at ​512-327-3274.

    • 2. Visit our campus.

      We’d love to meet you and show you our school!​​ Make your appointment by calling 512-327-3274 or ​schedule a visit now.

    • 3. Complete the Child’s Day Admissions Application.

      • Complete our ​Admission Application Form​ to indicate your interest in enrolling your child at Child's Day in the future and join our wait pool.
      • Pay $75 non-refundable application fee. There is no obligation to enroll.
      • The time between when you complete the Admissions Application and when you are invited to enroll your child varies greatly.
    • 4. Enroll your child.

      • When you receive an offer of enrollment, complete the Enrollment Agreement.
      • Schedule a one-on-one play date with your child’s new teacher.

Download the Child’s Day Tuition Rate Sheet


Child’s Day Admission Process and Timeline