What parents say about Child's Day

Parents wrote the following comments on a Parent Questionnaire:

"We are very happy with the way the teachers interact and communicate with the children. They are very good at explaining why different behaviors are appropriate or inappropriate. The best thing about Child's Day is that our daughter has been happy and content in each of the classes (she's been there for three years) she's been in and has developed an active love of learning."

"We are very pleased with Child's Day. We have every bit of confidence in the staff and care that our children have received there. The teachers are sincerely interested in the children and enjoy what they are doing and demonstrate this caring attitude and love to the children. We also feel that our children are receiving a great educational start for school."

"Child's Day has provided my child with a truly enriching experience and loving environment. We feel very fortunate that a place like Child's Day exists and would choose no other place for our child!"

"Child's Day is a wonderful child care facility. We have always been 100% satisfied."

"Thanks for all you do for my children. They are very happy at Child's Day."

"We are very happy with the quality of education, rx support and development at Child's Day! Thanks!"

"When I am away from my children, I know my kids are in a positive and fun learning environment. We are very happy with the Center and respect the staff highly."

"Personally, I am thrilled with the care and education my child receives from Child's Day! I have visited numerous day care centers around Austin, and firmly believe that Child's Day is, in fact, the wonderful, nurturing place that other centers want you to believe about them!"

"We appreciate the school-like atmosphere, and the loving, caring way the teachers interact with the children."

"I am very impressed with Child's Day and I have referred my friends to the school."

"This is really a great program. We moved our son to another day care about two years ago that was closer to our home and less expensive - it was a horrible mistake and we moved him back after one semester...Child's Day does a great job."

" We have been extremely happy with Child's Day."

"On the whole, I am very pleased with Child's Day operation. I believe it is because of how they treat their employees (pay/benefits) that such good results are enjoyed by all. The facilities and opportunities are good."

"Our child has been happy at Child's Day. Over the years, his teachers have been very responsive to any questions or issues we raised. We are pleased with the program, the teachers and the staff."

"I looked at many Austin day cares prior to enrolling my child at this facility. I also worked at several Austin day cares. Child's Day is the only Center I found that meets my high expectations for my daughter's needs. I go to work each day assured that her health, happiness, and growth are attended to exceptionally by her teachers."

"We moved to Austin from Dallas in August. We are extremely satisfied with Child's Day. The school is highly regarded in the community and my child's transition was very smooth. Several phone calls from the lead teacher were made to us in Dallas before moving and the teacher even mailed photos of the staff and the classroom. Quality, Safety and Cleanliness are all at Child's Day."

"Absolutely love everything about Child's Day!! They go above and beyond the "standard" in every area – and love my child!"

"The infant program is excellent! It is a huge peace of mind to know that my child is at Child's Day."

"Teachers are very good about keeping us informed about our child's physical health. They have been very observant and made some great suggestions."

"Excellent program; well educated, caring and helpful teachers."

"I feel very lucky that I was able to get my baby into Child's Day. I looked all over town (after getting a list of low infant-to-adult ratio facilities from Austin Families, Inc.) and Child's Day rates tops in all categories I care about!"

"We've been very pleased with the care our daughter receives at Child's Day. She has adjusted to the routine nicely and we credit the teachers."

"Child's Day is a wonderful child care facility! The staff and teachers are highly professional, communicative, creative, and most importantly child-centered. We feel they love our children. What else can we ask for?"

"My daughter loves the school so much that she wishes it opened on weekends. The interactions with teachers, activities, and a positive environment attribute to her love for the school."

"Our child is doing great at Child's Day! It is amazing the difference that skilled, loving teachers have on these kids. My wife and I have not worried about her for an instant since finding Child's Day. Special thanks to her teachers!"

"We have been very pleased with the teachers and other staff. The activities for the children are very good and very creative. Staff is very professional, yet very caring. Transitioning from one class to the next is excellent."

"If this questionnaire were formatted such that the level of satisfaction be determined, it would show my extreme satisfaction with the teachers and the curriculum - very high level of energy!"

"Child's Day is an excellent center. I recommend it often to other parents."

"Excellent program; well-educated, caring, and helpful teachers."

"Both of my children have attended Child's Day for a total of six years. I trust the school, and my daughter is always happy and confident after her days in school."

"Child's Day is a wonderful child care facility. It was the one place in Austin, TX that provided us total peace of mind regarding our daughter, her care and growth."

"We are very happy with our child's teacher's leadership of the group and her devotion to the children."

"After having one child almost complete the Child's Day program, I can say that he has enjoyed his time at the Center. He has been given many opportunities to grown and learn. The Center is exemplary. I'd recommend it to anyone. I'm looking forward to my three-month old growing and exploring at Child's Day."

"Child's Day has an excellent curriculum blending learning, discipline, structure, loving and fun."

"The teachers have always shown an interest in my child and his being at Child's Day. He now has more self-confidence and is happy attending school. He is really growing up fast and Child's Day is helping us raise a great little boy."

"Devoted, caring teachers. Great school! All of my child's teachers have done their best to make her comfortable with her new environment."

"Child's Day is an outstanding school. The teachers are genuinely concerned about the children and always administer excellent care and guidance."

"This is a wonderful preschool. My son has blossomed socially and developed intellectually and we are very happy about it."

"I am very happy with the care and structured development program at Child's Day."

"I believe this program is very professional and well-executed."

"Our daughter had an easy adjustment to Child's Day. The staff is great and really seem to love the kids. She has not been sick and the room is cheerful and bright. We made the right decision to be here!"

"Teachers give advice for promoting children's healthy development at home. Teachers provide questionnaires and talks about family and staff on important issues. The teachers are very good about informing parents about changes in children's health or eating habits."

"Overall, I am quite pleased with the school and the caliber of personnel."

"Very good program. Exceptional teachers."

"I looked at many other programs before choosing this one. I would not want my child to be in any other program. This program is exceptional both in the way it runs from a business/operational standpoint, and for a developmental standpoint and the care of the child. My observation is that rarely does a program do well at both."

"Best child development center in Austin, well-run and very well staffed by fun, happy and very qualified staff - a great environment! Thanks! The teachers are great at communicating."

"Very interactive with family and informative of programs. Excellent "extra" learning programs offered for students - Innovative and "learning" programs all the time. My child "loves" the school!"

"Wonderful staff. Very caring, loving and understanding."

"The teachers and staff of Child's Day are wonderful! We have been very pleased with their enthusiasm and expertise."

"This is the absolute best day care in Austin. I am confident my children's needs are being met and that they receive the love and care needed to ensure they are happy and healthy."

"I would not be satisfied with my children at any other school. I take great pride in knowing my children truly loved and appreciated by their teachers. I know several teachers who have been employed at the school for 6 - 8 years. This fact speaks for itself when questioning the commitment of the staff. It gives me comfort beyond belief to see my children (ages 3 - 9) having positive relationships with truly committed teachers. My five-year-old and three-year-old both had the same teacher my nine year old had when he was 1 ½! At present, my five year old has the same teacher and assistant teacher who taught my son when he was five. I feel certain this is not a common occurrence in most preschool settings. I am certain this occurs at Child's Day because of the high expectations of the staff and the management, and their commitment to the children and to the parents."

"The teachers hired to work at Child's Day are all very talented, loving people. We feel our child is in very good hands."