Child's Day Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?
Child's Day opened in August 1987, page in our current location.  There are no other locations.

What days and hours are you open?
Our regular operating hours are 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Children are dropped off in the morning between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and can be picked up anytime before 6 p.m. We operate year-round, troche weather permitting, and closing for regular Federal holidays and teacher in-service training days.  Operating hours are slightly shortened on days preceding the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays.

How many children are enrolled and how old are they?
Child's Day serves over 130 families with pre-school children from two months through five years old. 

Can children attend part time?
Yes and no.  Experience has taught us that regular participation produces much better results for children.  They benefit and take comfort from the consistency of daily routines, acquire skills more effectively and don't feel "left out" of off-day activities.  For these reasons, we discontinued our part-day and part-week schedule/tuition alternatives several years ago.  There is no daily attendance requirement, however, and many parents choose to pick up early on a regular or occasional basis. It's also perfectly OK to take days off whenever you wish. Tuition is the same, regardless of attendance.

What are your child to staff ratios and group sizes?
Our child/staff ratios are significantly better (lower) than you will find in most centers.  We are scrupulous about maintaining our published ratios in every room throughout each day.  

What qualifications do your teachers have?
Each of our classes is directed by a Lead Teacher who has had formal training in Child Development / Early Childhood and many years of successful experience. Most of our Leads have a Master's or Bachelor's degree in the field; Associate and Assistant Teachers work with and under the supervision of a Lead Teacher.  Many of these staff also have formal Early Childhood training and often hold a BA, AA, or CDA (Child Development Associate credential).

Do you offer any special instruction or activities?
Several special optional enrichment classes are offered by specially trained staff: music (vocal and keyboard), tumbling, and computers, subject to space availability. 

Are you affiliated with a church?
No.  Our program has no religious content.

Do you have parent/teacher conferences?
Participation in parent/teacher conferences is an important activity. This is a time of sharing, which benefits the child, the parent and the teacher. Child's Day believes in a strong partnership between the home and the Center to assure the best experience for the children.  Lead Teachers schedule parent conferences at least twice a year to discuss developmental progress. A parent or teacher may request additional conferences any time.

How do parents participate in your program?
All parents are encouraged to participate in the volunteer Parent Advisory Committee whose mission is to develop a strong relationship with the Center and help enrich the program through parents' contributions. Parent Volunteer Opportunities describes additional options for parents who wish to be more involved in the school.

What are your rooms like?
Our rooms are spacious and well equipped. Every room has large, floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide abundant natural light and a delightful view of the native flora and fauna in our park-like setting. The rooms are generally set up in learning/activity centers including such areas as Home Living, Book Corner, Art, Science/Pets, Manipulatives/Blocks, Music/Listening Center, etc. Equipment, supplies and room decoration are chosen to complement the Unit Theme of the week, reinforcing developmental goals. Room content changes regularly, presenting children with new opportunities for exploration and a change of pace.

Do you have a playground?
Our playground is quite large with a variety of levels, surfaces and play choices. The entire area is surrounded by a six-foot high solid cedar fence. It includes a hard surface for riding toys, playhouses and a large sand-filled area with several climbing structures, slides and a colorful playscape on a "bouncy" safety surface. Many mature Live Oak and other native trees throughout the playground provide welcome shade during the hot Texas summers when we also enjoy "Splash Days" with garden hoses and the "cool-mist" system on our safety surface area.

Do the children ever go on field trips?
Field trips encourage broad awareness of the environment and develop self-assurance in children. They also provide an opportunity to improve social skills and discover new and exciting worlds.  Field trips within a thirty-minute travel radius are allowed for children three and older.  Parent participation in these excursions is encouraged and appreciated.  Frequency increases with age, from once a year for three's to several per year for Pre-K. The Center has two large vans equipped with child safety seats.

How do you handle discipline and guidance?
Child's Day has a philosophy of positive guidance, which incorporates creative teaching and involvement to help children develop self-discipline and inner control over their actions. It is based on mutual respect and an understanding of children's needs and developmental levels. Positive guidance utilizes redirection, verbalization of misunderstandings, consistency, acceptance of feelings, firmness, and fairness. Children are encouraged to express their feelings verbally as well as to discuss and resolve conflicts rather than "act out" their feelings. In certain situations, a brief "quiet time" is used to allow a child to calm down and recover self-control before resuming group activities.

How much do you charge?
Because of our low child/staff ratios and the quality of our staff, our cost is above average for the Austin area. Registration and supply fees, deposit, and monthly tuition are shown on the rates page. 

When do children change classes?
Child's Day starts a new "school year" in late August ("Fall"). At that time, all the children in the Center move up to new classes where they typically remain for a year at a time. Pre-registration for Fall openings takes place in early Spring. Although Fall is when most new children join us, openings do occur throughout the year, so we maintain a Wait List for both immediate and future openings. Furthermore, one or more groups may occasionally have an opening not filled from the Wait List. So, registration can take place at any time during the year, subject to space availability.

Does enrollment continue from year to year?
Yes.  Once registered, children are guaranteed continuous service until they go to Kindergarten.  There is a minimum 60-day notice requirement for withdrawal, described in the Enrollment Agreement.  Placement is not retained for children who withdraw for the summer (or other periods).

Can I come for a tour?
YES!  Visitors are always welcome, but please call first to schedule an appointment. We give tours at 9:30 and 10:30 on most days of the week to avoid meal times and rest times. This will allow you to better view the Center in operation.  Although our location is quite convenient (near MoPac and Bee Cave Rd), one way streets sometimes make the first visit a bit tricky, so you may wish to call for directions right before you come -- this will also ensure we have someone readily available to conduct your tour.

Where are you located?
In Building One of the Timberline Office Condominiums, a beautifully landscaped garden office park on the east side of MoPac, about 500 feet south of Bee Cave Rd. (adjacent to Barton Oaks Plaza).  As you enter the office park, follow the driveway to the right and the blue and yellow sunshine flags will lead you to our door.  (See Maps)

What is your policy on sick children?
The main reasons for excluding children from the Center are:  (i) the illness prevents the child from participating in routine activities; (ii) the illness requires more care than the staff can provide without compromising the needs of the other children in the group; (iii) the child's presence poses an increased risk to other children or adults with whom the child may come in contact.   Children are excluded from the center if they have a temperature of 100 F or higher, a recognizable contagious illness, an undiagnosed rash, vomiting, or uncontrolled diarrhea.  Children may return 24 hours after symptoms disappear.  We do not ordinarily exclude children with a mild cold or slightly runny nose.  Click here to view our Illness Exclusion Policy.

What meals and snacks do you provide?
Child's Day furnishes healthy, nutritional snacks morning and afternoon for toddlers and older children.  We avoid food items with added sugar and/or salt.   Fresh fruits and vegetables are used whenever possible.  Milk or whole juices are served with snacks.  Children bring a lunch, which is refrigerated for freshness, and can be heated (microwaved) by our staff before serving.  Parents of infants supply all food products. Click here to view a sample Snack Menu.

When do you enroll new children?
We accept new enrollments whenever an opening occurs, usually due to relocation or change in family situation. Most openings are filled from our Wait List.  The bulk of new enrollment occurs in the form of pre-registrations for Fall (mid August), when our new year begins.  This is when the Pre-K children graduate to Kindergarten and all the remaining children move "up" to new rooms, thereby creating a spaces across the school.  We begin the pre-registration process early each Spring by calling the families on our Wait List. Siblings of currently enrolled children receive priority.

How long is your Wait List?
It varies from month to month, and is always unpredictable! Although we occasionally have current openings, some classes have anywhere from one to twenty names on the Wait List.  However, we know from past experience that unexpected openings do occur throughout the year in all age groups and there is no way to predict how many tries it will take to fill an opening.  If you want to join our program (and we hope you will), the best way is to get on the Wait List and "keep your fingers crossed."  Literally anything can happen!

We appreciate your interest in Child's Day and look forward to meeting you and giving you a tour of our Center. Please call, write, or E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you have any further questions.